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Little books with attitude

Leap! is an informational text program specifically designed to introduce and teach text features and structures to Emergent and Early readers.

Read! Explore! Imagine!

Fiction for Grades K-3

Ninety books, all of which are imaginatively illustrated and creatively designed, feature increasingly complex plots, characters, and literary devices. The books, organised into six developmental stages, are perfect for young readers in Grades
K–3 and beyond.

Active Young Readers Assessment Resource: Grades Primary–3

The Active Young Readers, Grades Primary–3, Assessment Resource Package is a central component of Nova Scotia’s focus on literacy. The assessment resource package is intended to offer support to teachers in two areas: effective instruction and effective assessment.

Triple Treat

Triple Treat offers familiar reading to young readers, writers, and thinkers. It is an integrated literacy program which promotes the development of oral language, reading, and writing in connected and meaningful ways.

Pocket Worlds

Easy to pick up … impossible to put down! Pocket Worlds offers a world of independent reading through fifteen fun and fascinating fact books about people, places and cultures from around the world.

Shortlisted: Brand/Series Identity – British Book Design and Production Awards, 2008

Why Is It So?

A series of twenty four non-fiction science books which encourage children's natural curiosity by offering answers to the questions they have asked about the world. Titles address the following science strands: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science. The series extends children's knowledge and curiosity about science whilst simultaneously helping to develop reading skills and language acquisition.

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